Thursday, July 26, 2012

But HOW Do You Write a Book? Step 2

But HOW Do You Write a Book? Step 2 involves deciding what you want to write about.

Basically, what is the story you want to share?

Most people who've asked me, "But HOW do you write a book?" already have a basic idea of what they want to write; however, at this stage, confirming your writing direction the next step to writing your book.

First off, what's kind and type of book do you want to write (from Step 1)? What's the genre you chose in Step 1? What length of story?

What story do you want to write in that genre and that length?

To gain story ideas, visit photo sites, such as, pick a picture and consider what story the picture might inspire.

What sort of story do you like to read? Can you imagine a similar, but better story along those lines?

Consider whose story it is. Are the stories in your chosen genre told in first person (I/me) or in third person (he/she)? Are they told in present tense? (I step onto the stair. She steps onto the stair.) OR past tense? (I stepped or he stepped).

The second most frequent question I'm asked is, "Where do you get your story ideas?"

From everywhere. A newspaper article might inspire a story idea or a photograph. From whacky and sometimes disturbing things I observe in real life. My own life's experiences, sometimes good, sometimes bad. Bits of an overheard conversation. Or from a heartbreak I've suffered. Also, really strange ideas tend to creep up on me when I'm driving.

 So, for Step 2, consider what story you want to write.

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