Sunday, July 29, 2012

But HOW Do You Write a Book? Step 3

Step 3 of But HOW Do You Write a Book? addresses the basic question, "Whose story is it?"

Whose story are you sharing? From whose perspective will the story be shared. Through whose eyes will you view what's going on? Whose thoughts and emotions will you convey? Whose actions and movements will you focus on from the inside out?

Will you story be your heroine's (female protagonist's) story? Or your hero's (male protagonist)? Will you share both of their points of view (POV) of the story? What about the villain's or antagonist's? How about all three? Will their be multiple POVs shared, such as the heroine's, hero's, villains, and several victims of the villain? Or will multiple protagonists and villains share their story in the pages of your book?

For But HOW Do You Write a Book? Step 3, consider and decide whose story it is.

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