Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Finding Balance

14,000 words within a three day period - Whoot and whew!

Previously, my job involved working quite a bit of overtime. Don't get me wrong. I loved my job, the company that employed me, and my fellow co-workers. It was an awesome experience and one I very much appreciate. This job taught me the self-discipline to be able to repeatedly produce 5,000 word days.

In working that much overtime, the one thing I never managed was balance. I fueled my diet with Italian chocolate and high-calorie smoothies, thus with sitting in front of the computer so much, I packed on the pounds. My husband did the majority of the grocery shopping because his hours were more flexible, and he's much better at it than I am (thankfully). I failed to take time out to exercise and rarely took time out for fun stuff. My choice -- no regrets -- and I'm very grateful for the work experience.

However, now that I'm writing full-time, I'm focusing on creating and maintaining balance in all aspects of my life. Finding and maintaining balance has never been an easy process for me (see above), so just as transitioning to writing full-time is a challenge, so is balancing my life.

Later this week, I will reach a weight loss milestone. Due to the heat and mosquitoes, I'm not able to walk outside, but I hop on the elliptical for about 10 minutes in between writing stints throughout the day. Hubby and I have been cooking healthy meals. (And, of course there's an occasional chocolate bar, we just no longer keep a supply of them in the house.)

In the next few weeks, my goals for achieving balance include:
  • Napping or relaxing and focusing on deep breathing
  • Taking time out to watch my favorite TV shows or a movie
  • Going fishing when the heat allows
  • Enjoying girl's days out
Today, I took a day away from writing. It was a day of errands, grocery shopping, appointments, and companionship with Hubby.

As of today, July 10, 2012:
  • Project A (Novella) is 32% complete.
  • Project B (Novel) is 53% complete.
Tomorrow, I go back to writing, rested and refreshed, searching for balance along the way.

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