Friday, July 6, 2012

From Getting Off Track to Getting Back On Track

Bullet, 6 Months
The little fellow in the picture a wire-haired dachshund. He tracks wounded big game. It's what he does, it's in his blood. When Bullet is on a trail of a wounded animal, such as a deer, he puts that marvelous nose down to the ground and takes off. Even at six-months old, once he's on a trail, nothing can dissuade him from finding the game he's set out to locate.

Except, this talented fellow doesn't track in a straight line, he angles back and forth to ensure he's still on the scent and following the right trail. Every once in a while, he'll lift his nose to test the air, then he's back at it, right on task, doing what he's meant to do.

This week, I lost my writing trail. Big time.

We came home from a glorious trip to find the compressor had gone out on our refrigerator/freezer combo. The compressor is what cools the temperature inside the fridge, so, yeah, we came home to quite a mess.

Good intentions -- ah, don't we all have and recognize those -- went out the window in a flurry of cleaning out spoiled foods, buying a new fridge/freezer combo, installing the combo, restocking said combo, and then settling in after being away. Only settling in meant being overtired and experiencing the first migraine I've had in quite a while.

This afternoon the migraine receded, leaving my eyes and head feeling bruised and tight. (Those of you who experience migraines well know that feeling, I'm sure.)

Pretty much, my writing goals for the week are blown. This week is a bust. Or is it? Yes, for the majority of the week, I did not reach my goals, but what about tomorrow, the next day, and the next?

While on a trail, Bullet may zigzag back and forth, but he's fierce about recognizing the scent and staying on track.

So tomorrow, more than likely in a low-lighted room, I will follow the little fellow's example, and put my head down and write. One word, one sentence, one paragraph at a time. One page at a time -- inspired by the puppy who never gives up -- I will get back on track.

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