Saturday, July 7, 2012

Learning the Writing Craft, Savvy?
(Savvy Authors, that is)

Savvy Authors is about writers helping other writers, and is website where writers can learn and hone their writing craft.

From one-week to multiple-week long courses on plotting, characterization, active voice, world building, etc. to three-, six-, or 12-month mentorship courses on planning, fast drafting, and editing, Savvy Author's presents an opportunity to receive guidance from those writers who have been there, done that.

Best Selling Author Lori Wilde presents workshops there, as well as Cathy Yardley and other authors and editors throughout the year.

Savvy Author's courses and workshops have been helpful and skill-building for me and have taught me a lot about the writing craft.

Basic membership is free, with the Premium Membership being $30 per year, and with the Premium Membership, you get discounts on the classes you take. The membership is well worth the cost, and the interaction with and the learning experience via Savvy Authors is priceless, savvy?

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