Thursday, July 12, 2012

Slogging Through Mud

Yesterday, was . . . . I guess the best way to describe yesterday is PAINFUL.

Another migraine-type headache threw me off schedule.

The good thing is I'm pretty sure that I have discovered what's been triggering the headaches, so I hopefully won't do that to myself again any time soon.

My morning writing started off sluggish. I tried focusing on writing and other tasks, but a tightness at the back of my skull and around my forehead kept me from focusing on stringing together words. Physically, I couldn't seem to get comfortable in any sitting position. Writing-wise, my eyes kept getting more and more sensitive to light throughout the day.

By late afternoon, a headache settled in toward the front of my skull and around my temples.

Getting anything accomplish was like slogging through mud. No firm, smooth ground to tread upon.

Dark room. Quiet. VERY LITTLE WRITING. (Somehow, I did manage to write 2,000 or so words.)

Today, I avoid the trigger.

Today, I write.

Learning to give myself a break and not beating myself up when something can't be helped--that is one of those aspects of the balancing act that is life.


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