Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Spinning, Spinning, Spinning

After taking a non-writing day on Sunday, I had a difficult time getting back into the groove of writing on Monday morning, so I was basically, so to speak, spinning my wheels.

After an off-and-on all-day struggle, I only managed to write a little over 1,600 words; therefore, when I had to take a package to a shipping drop-off today, I considered a change of pace and scenary might serve as inspiration.

So, here I am, sitting in a bookstore cafe, listening to a fellow patron talk to someone in detail on his cellphone about a song he heard on the radio and quoting butchered lyrics, and a woman discuss with the young lady behind the counter their dieting habits, while the slice of Godiva chocolate cheescake I just ordered sits before me.

I thought this would be a good way to jump-start my writing for the week, but that is SO not happening.

The woman and lady are now discussing bug bites and noseeums. I quote, "You know, the kind that bite you, and you never see them."

Why, I wonder, is that this slice of cheesecake is becoming less and less appealing?

Okay, the high-volume conversation has moved on to bee stings and snake bites, which includes details of punctures, swelling, nausea, etc.

My first bite of the cheesecake tasted okay, not great, but fairly good. The second forkful, not so much. I swallow.

After wishing the young lady a good day, the woman heads into the bookstore, with a stout floral perfume and stale-cigarette scented fragrance wafting along behind her.

I place my fork in and push the paper plate containing the cheesecake to the center of the table.

Ah, yes, quiet. Fingers on Neo's keyboard. Deep breath.

"Chop, chop," a second lady, sitting at a nearby table says, and begins a conversation with someone on the cellphone who's obviously not doing what she expects them to be doing.


I focus on tuning her out. I can do this.

A young man who works at the store approaches my table and asks, "How are you today?"


"Is that one of those Alphasmarts?"

"Yes, it's a Neo."

"Great battery life, but I really like my iPad. Well, you have a nice day."

"Thank you. You too."

Some things, I think, are not meant to be.

I guess because of the writerly aspect of me, I can't NOT pay attention to what's going on around me. I enjoy people watching and observing and interacting, really I do. Just not while I'm writing, please.

So, lesson learned: While the writer in me tags along everywhere I go, I just may not be able to write wherever I go.

After running an errand or two, I'm looking forward to heading home and WRITING, and, along the way, if I've discovered the cure to the Spinning Wheel Syndrome, I'll be sure to let you know!

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