Saturday, July 21, 2012

Taking Time to Write

In the past few weeks, I have transitioned from writing in 30 to 45 minute stints throughout the day, to writing in 1-hour blocks of time.

Over the years, I attempted to write in 15 or 20 minute blocks, but seemed to be spinning my wheels, because in that short of time, I couldn't seem to get my head as deep into the story as I needed, no matter how hard I tried.

This morning, instead of spreading the blocks of time throughout the day, I set the timer for 3 hours and wrote straight through. I wrote 3,340 words in those three consecutive hours, which equals what I've been producing by spacing out the time blocks I set aside for writing.

Mornings are difficult for me -- I am so not a morning person -- but with effort, I have turned them into more productive times of the day.

My goal is to either wrap up my writing for the day after writing in the mornings or set writing aside while I take care of other to-do lists around the home, on the property, out and about, etc., then return to writing in the evenings. I'd like to visit those 5,000-word days on a regular basis, and this seems to be the way to get there.

One thing that has seemed to make a great deal of difference in my writing output is that instead of fitting writing in once everything else is done, which never really seemed to happen, I set aside specific committed blocks of time to write. In other words, instead of making time, I'm taking time to write.

Got to go, the clock's a ticking!

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