Monday, July 30, 2012

Writing a Novel in 30 Days - Day 17

For Writing a Novel in 30 Days, Day 17, I wrote 814 words. In between doctor's appointments and testing, I did manage to squeeze in 45 minutes worth of writing.

By Day 17, to be on schedule, I should have written 34,000 words. As of today, I've written 31,347 words and the goal is 52% complete.

Currently, I am 2,653 words behind schedule.

Tomorrow will be a travel day, so I'm not sure how much writing I will be able to do;  however, by Wednesday, I should be on a more realistic writing schedule.

The upcoming Friday and Saturday will be a tad busy, but if I focus on writing in the evening hours, I should be able to get back on schedule, at least by mid-week next week.

So that's the goal, to be back on schedule by mid-week next week.

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