Thursday, August 23, 2012

Body Language Speaks LOUDLY

While interstate driving, a black sports car zoomed by my 72mph Honda. Hauling down the road, the small car must have been going at least 85mph.

As the car passed, I caught a glimpse of a college-aged potential female coed in the passenger seat.

Five miles ahead, a police SUV, blue lights flashing, was pulled over on the left shoulder. Just behind that ever so sporty sleek black sports car.

Oh, yeah, this gal, yelled, "Yes!" (Because we know speeders are deserving of getting pulled over, especially those who speed by fast enough to blow the aforementioned gal's Honda off the road.)


Two male officer, perhaps both under thirty, stood beside the driver's side of the car.

Their body language spoke volumes.

My self-indulgent elation fizzled.

One officer had his elbow propped on the low-riding roof of the car, and was bent down peering into the car. The second had his hands in his pocket and was bent at the waist and leaning forward.

Those simple poses told the story.

Which is what my goal is in describing the body positions, movement, and action of my characters.

Five minutes later, the little sports car, filled with long whipping blonde and auburn hair whizzed past me, going just as fast, if not faster, than before.

So, do you think two coeds get ticketed for speeding?

Me? I doubt it -- because body language speaks ever so loudly.

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