Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dear Diary, the last few weeks....

Dear Diary, the last few weeks have been difficult.

Many things, such as an attention-starved puppy and unwelcome health issues have conspired to derail my writing. Bottom-line, I have gotten off schedule and have lost momentum.

Hubby is recovering from minor foot surgery. The puppy is whining for attention, even though he's just received lots of pets and lovin'. (The puppy, Hubby is sleeping and recovering.) So, here I sit in front of the computer, shushing the puppy, contemplating what's not quite right about my current work in progress (WIP).

To take my mind off my concern during Hubby's surgery, I contemplated the idea of a book based in a small town. A town perhaps like the town where I grew up, or the small city where my husband was born and raised. Lots of interesting possibilities there.

However, for the last few days, I've been struggling with filling out index cards for potential scenes on my current WIP, so my mind kept returning to that.

Book #1 was written in multiple view points. For Book #2, I am attempting to limit the number of character view points shared. Something, I'm not sure if it's limiting the view points or what, but the current WIP just doesn't quite "feel" right.

Starting Friday and through this weekend, I will wrap up the organizing of my scenes for Book #1 and will send it on for developmental editing.

On Monday, I will start visualizing and creating more index cards, including other points of views as well, and see if that doesn't help the pacing and the feel of the overall book.

If nothing else, Dear Diary, I am stubborn enough, er, persistent enough, to keep on keeping on.

Until next time.


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