Friday, August 31, 2012

Eureka! (NOW, I've got it!)


Last night, in reviewing Book #1, I realized why Book #2 doesn't "feel" right.

The first 1/4 of Book #2 is actually a bang up, better ending for Book #1.

Although I hadn't planned it that way, I have my solution!

In a wink of understanding, Book #1 went from a 60,000-word to a 75,000-word first draft, and Book #2 is now at zero (0) word count.

Book #1 was a cohesive, good first draft. With this change, the Book #1 first draft is fast-paced and the ending has much more oomph.

In speaking with the developmental editor's assistant, I now have until the 10th to pull all my scenes together and send in Book #1.

If all goes well with that, I will discard the index cards for Book #2 and start over with the plotting of Book #2 during that time as well. (Likewise, if Book #1 staging doesn't go well, plotting for Book #2 will begin on the 10th, once the Book #1 draft has been turned into the editor.)

Love those eureka moments. Yes!

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