Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Experiencing "THE END"

A few days ago, I typed, THE END at the end of a writing session. I finished writing the first book in a series.

I just completed a manuscript that's not a jumbled toss of words into a computer file. The plot makes sense. The story is cohesive, and the concept of the series and each of the books in the series is strong.

Someone asked, "How did you feel when you typed THE END?"

I was excited and thrilled and uncertain and nervous, all rolled up into one unsteady breath, followed by a sigh of tremendous relief and a feeling of accomplishment. All of a sudden, I wished my mother and father were still living so that I could call and share this milestone.

For a few minutes, I sat without moving, feeling both giddy and breathless, knowing that this is a process I want to experience again and again and again.

So, what DID I do?

I texted a few folks the picture shared in this post, and since Hubby was attending a seminar, I did what any writer gal would do. To celebrate, I ate a chocolate croissant and began plotting the second book in the series.

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