Sunday, August 12, 2012

Novel in 30 Day Results and Weekly Status 8-12-12

Today, August 12, 2012, marks the 30th day of my personal Novel in 30 Days Challenge. After getting derailed due to health and travel issues, I accomplished only 60% of the 60,000 words in a month goal.

While I didn't accomplish the specific 30 day goal, I did accomplish the following:
  • Finished writing the first draft of book in a series (started in June)
  • Began plotting the second book in the series
  • Wrote two plus scenes in the second book
  • Placed the novella I was writing on hold
  • Started fleshing out another story idea
  • Chose and downloaded artwork for series covers
  • Chose and downloaded artwork for cover for additional story idea
My current goals are:
  • Finish plotting of 2nd series book
  • Write an average of 2,000 words per day
  • Go through finished draft of 1st book in series and arrange scenes and clean-up
  • Send finished draft for high-level edit first week of September
1st Book in 1st Series:

2nd Book in 1st Series:
The 1st series has developed into a multi-book series instead of a trilogy, and I'm excited about all the aspects of the series (the plot, the characters, the story, the concept, etc.). This will be my first opportunity to receive a high-level edit, which includes feedback about plotting, characterization, pacing, structure, etc., so I'm thrilled about the possibility.

After my second month of writing full-time, I am pleased with my progress. I am on target with my overall goals of building a backlist of books, and I am thoroughly enjoying the journey. I've found and am living my life's dream -- this gal couldn't ask for more.

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