Monday, August 6, 2012

Progress Status - Weekly Check-In 8-6-12

The past week, due to travel and the emotional toll of going through our deceased mother's and father's remaining property, was a slow week writing-wise; however, I did manage some forward progress.

My current First Draft Progress, as it stands as of 8-6-12, is as follows:

Project A: Novella: ON HOLD
Project B, Novel:

For the Novel in 30 Days, I'm postponing posting totals for the 60,000 Words in 30 Days total until August 12th.

Of note, Project B is almost complete, therefore, Project A, may go on hold. I'm not sure that the genre for Project A is right for me because I am struggling with getting into the groove of writing in that particular genre. OR it may be a genre that I put on hold and attempt to delve into later on.

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