Monday, August 20, 2012

Strategizing - Backlisting

From what I've observed in researching the independent publishing e-book phenomenon over the past two years, is that the majority of authors rush to get their first book online, then have nothing else to offer, while they fret over the sale of the first book and struggle to write the second book in a frenzy to e-publish the second book as well.

In most cases, unless the author was an established author with a backlist of books already written, the author doesn't seem to get a surge of sales, and reader interest is lost before the second books goes up for sale.

From there on out, the author seems to struggle to regain traction, with most not achieving anywhere near the number of sales they would want to make.

Authors who gain traction, up front, have between three (3) to six (6) books available to readers. For the most part, these books are in the same genre, and have been professionally edited, with great covers and story descriptions.

It seems to me, in my humble opinion, the lack of other books (a backlist) lessens reader interest and thus decreases the number of sales.

Building a Backlist

After reviewing what seems to be working for most rising independent authors, there are always exceptions of course, instead of publishing my first book, writing the next, publishing the next, etc., my goal is to create the backlist first.

Over the next few months, I will write the first drafts of a series. While editing one book, I will write the next. When I have completed the series (developmental edits, copy edits, professional covers, story descriptions), then the books will be ready for publication.

My focus for now, is to build a backlist of the best books I can possibly write in one particular genre. To me, that seems the most forthright way to gain and satisfy a potential reader base.

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