Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What Stands Between - Creating Conflict

Conflict occurs when a character faces what stands between the character and their goal.

I have stalled in my writing of Book #2 of Series #1.

The reason for my stall is two-fold: 1) I did not plot out far enough ahead, and 2) I did not list the potential sources of conflict.


To get unstalled, I need to make a list of potential roadblocks and/or potential bad things happening to keep the character from reaching her goal.

She just wants to be free. She wants to go home, but, then again, home isn't really home anymore. What stands in her way?

Kathy's To-Do List:
  1. Create list of potential Roadblocks/Conflicts.
  2. Arrange in order of severity so that the roadblocks/conflicts escalate from bad to worse.
  3. Get out those index cards and fine-point Sharpie marker.
  4. Write short descriptions of upcoming scenes.
  5. Sit butt in chair and write scenes.
So, what stands between your character reaching her goal?

Therein lies the conflict, and the magic of story-telling.

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