Monday, September 24, 2012

A Time to Write, A Time to Rest

I so love every part of the writing process, from plotting and characterization to fast drafting to revising and editing.

Yet, because of a medical procedure that was much more physically, mentally, and emotionally taxing than I could have ever imagined or predicted, I am weary to the bone.

Because of aspects of the procedure and statements the doctor made, I am deep down soul weary, so much so that the concern about the results of the procedure and the aftermath of the procedure make concentrating and focusing extremely difficult.

So, despite my enthusiasm about and my desire to work the revision of Book #1 and fast draft Book #2, I have not worked at writing during the last couple of days.

I guess we all take time off from our jobs once in a while, so I suppose I am taking a few days off in search of wellness and peace of mind and writing focus.

Soon, I will write.

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