Friday, September 7, 2012

Balance - Getting Back on Schedule

Due to a stir-crazy husband who had minor surgery over a week ago taking the puppy with him on a have-to-get-out-of-the-house errand run, I enjoyed a few hours of silence and focus.

After much searching, I located my At-A-Glance appointment book, and started making a to-do list for today, and filling out a scheduled day for tomorrow.

My life has been out of kilter when it comes to balancing work, play, life, relaxation, family, relationships, writing, etc., for quite a long time. Basically, too much work and not enough life, so that now that I'm not working a full-time day job, I'm more than a little lost in how to find, gain, and hold onto the balance I need to write full-time. I truly had no idea the perils of writing from home.

After my full-time job ended, there were health issues, then hubby's surgery, an attention-seeking puppy, and so much to catch up with at home, plus some long-overdue traveling and vacationing that was much needed and much appreciated.

So now, writing-wise I must get back on track.

Once I had the to-do's jotted down and tomorrow partially sketched out, I began reviewing the scenes and making a scene list of Book #1 of Series #1.

After a few hours, I am now two-thirds of the way through the manuscript and the scene list. Reviewing the manuscript is not taking anywhere near the time I expected the task to take; however taking and making the time to do it has been a supreme challenge.

Balance is key, and getting back on a realistic writing schedule is so very important to me.

I am forever grateful that I have a supportive husband, friends, and family and that I have been blessed with the opportunity to write full-time. (For sure, this is one blessing I am going to enjoy and cherish!)

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