Friday, September 7, 2012

Dear Diary, with only 3 days remaining...

Dear Diary, with only 3 days remaining, I am reviewing the manuscript of Book #1 of Series #1. For the submission to a developmental editor, I am rearranging scenes and adding markers for a few new scenes.

Hubby's healing from foot surgery is going well, and OUR change in behavior toward the puppy is eliciting changes behavior in him.

This morning, I will start planning a writing schedule, the same way I basically set a work schedule. Writing is my job now; therefore, writing deserves the same level of respect and commitment as my former job.

First things first, I must find my Daytimer-type calendar book. Secondly, I will map out my potential writing work day.

What if I could have an ideal writing day? For that matter, what would my ideal DAY be like?

Oddly, even though I tend to be creative, I have not before considered what either an ideal day or ideal writing day would be.

So, next, I map out, with the intent of commitment and with the understanding that flexibility is a must, my ideal writing day AND ideal day. (Why shouldn't this writing gal go for it all?)

Until next time, Dear Diary!

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