Saturday, September 8, 2012

Good, Average, Bad - Rating My Review

I am grateful that I am blessed with a husband who encourages and supports my writing and a puppy that's a fast learner in regard to behavioral issues.

A few days ago when I was struggling with the perils of writing at home, there was no way would I have considered that I would be able to review my manuscript in a few hours.

As I reviewed scenes, rearranged scenes, and inserted notes for a few additional scenes, I assessed the following:
  • Overall the writing needs polishing, but for a first draft the writing isn't as bad as I feared
  • Some scenes are stronger than others
  • A good amount of the first draft writing stands out, in a positive way
  • Several scenes need to be expanded
  • POV grounding is needed in some scenes
  • Restructuring may be in order; however, the story is intriguing and strong
My reactions at the end of the review were as follows:
  • Excited and looking forward to wordsmithing the next draft
  • Nervous in regard to receiving the developmental edit
  • Expectant about the results of the developmental edit
  • Pleased overall with a cohesiveness and storytelling aspect of first draft
I need to look at a couple of things and spell check, then I will send the reviewed manuscript in to Cathy Yardley (Rock Your Revisions) for the developmental edit.

Scary and exciting!

No matter how this adventure turns out, bottom line, I've done something for my family and me. THAT's enough to make this writer gal grin.

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