Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Revision Plan

Revision Plan is just that. A plan to revise.

The four-page Critique Report from Cathy Yardley was an eye-opening, bang-up guide on how to tighten and strengthen the shape and focus of the story.

The comments within the manuscript are as valuable as flecks of gold to me.

My initial Revision Plan is simple:
  • Tweak and rearrange index cards
  • Limit Point of View to three (3) characters only
  • Write a few new scenes
  • Flesh out some existing scenes
 Current Goals:
  • Redo Goal, Motivation, Conflict, Disaster (GMCD) Table
  • Send Updated GMCD Table to Cathy for feedback
Additional Goals:
  • Complete GMCs and GMCDs for Book #2
  • Submit Info for Book #2 to Cathy
  • Reorganize scenes in the next week
  • Submit GMCD Table for Book #1 by October 1st
  • Submit GMC/GMCD Info for Book #2 by October 5th
Onward! (Thanks to Rock Your Writing's Cathy Yardley!)

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