Saturday, September 15, 2012

Scene By Scene

Although I track my daily writing progress by word count, I write by scene. (Which leads me to question why I track by word count instead of number of completed scenes. Hmm. Perhaps because the tracking App that I use tracks by logging in word count. Something to think about and consider.)

For Book #2, Series #1, there are seventy-five (75) total scenes planned.

My goal is to write three (3) scenes per day, every day, with the intention of banking extra scenes along the way just in case something comes up and which is more than likely inevitable, to derail my writing for a day.

With the Goal, Motivation, Conflict, and Disaster (GMCD) noted for each scene, subject to change of course, I focus on the one single scene before me.

For Book #1, Scene #, I addressed the GMCD for each scene just prior to the scene without pre-planning, which in looking back tended to slow down my writing; therefore, this time around I have constructed the GMCD for each scene in advance, so that all that remains in front of me is the fast drafting of the actual scene.

Whose scene is it? Who is the Point of View (POV) character? Keeping in mind the GMCD for the scene, what would that POV character do? What happens then?

For me, the First Draft is diving in and telling of the story, scene by scene.

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