Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Boo Who?

At times in dark suspense, bad things happen to story people.

On occasion, really bad things. Sometimes it's a secondary character, at times a main character, even an antagonist is not exempt from being made to suffer.

How a character deals with these bad things (conflict) IS the story.

As a reader, even if it's the bad guy or gal, I relate to character's suffering and their attempt to overcome adversity.

Who undergoes the aforementioned bad stuff in most dark suspense and thriller books? No one is exempt. Anyone can become a target. Of fear, of harm, of whoever, or whatever, is on the prowl and out to get them.

Do you hear the shuffling on the front doorstep? The muffled bumps against the door? Are those scratches against wood?

Excuse me, I think I'll turn on the porch light, just to make sure there's a light on when darkness descends.

Happy Halloween!

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