Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sh--ty First Draft Versus Solid First Draft

When I began writing full-time in June, I dove in to write a messy or sh--ty first draft. "Just get the book out," I'd been told, "that's the main thing."

Thousands and thousands of words later, I can honestly say, that while getting the book out of my head was an important factor, writing something that makes sense and includes strong writing is of utmost importance WHILE getting the book out and onto the page.

The more messy, the more there is to discard and to clean up. Kind of like clutter busting. Slowing down and writing solid, cohesive, strong chapters saves having to toss out useless text and having to redraft the chapters numerous times.

My current first draft will need editing, of course, but instead of five or six editing drafts, this first draft will be finalized in more like two or three drafts.

Through trial and error, I have learned a stronger first draft equals more useable, close-to-final draft material.

Of note, I am learning. Foremost, I am enjoying the journey.

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