Thursday, October 25, 2012

Shut Up and Write!

I bowed out of online writer's groups in order to use the time I was spending online to write.

Another reason, I chose to unjoin was that, truly, I don't see how I could, as a writer, spend such a tremendous amount of time and effort posting and "talking" with Facebook groups and commenting on blogs and have any energy or wherewithal to still actually write a book.

With all that posting and commenting, I doubt I would have any energy and focus, let alone words, left to write a book.

In fact, I know I wouldn't, that's why I've chosen to, except for occasional blog posts here on Kathy Writes Books, which tends to jump start my writing, and checking in with my critique partner, to not talk about writing (how, what, technique, suggestions) and keep my mouth shut and write.

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