Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pain by Any Other Name (Selective Description)

Pain vaulted through her back. Hurt seared her temples. The words pain and hurt can only be used so often in descriptions before they become repetitive, old, and redundant. Since there are so many different elements of pain and kinds of hurt, using other key selective words is necessary. lists these synonyms for pain: soreness, spasm, sting, stitch, strain, tenderness, throb, throe, tingle, torment, torture, trouble, twinge, wound, etc. For hurt, synonyms include: bruise, burn, cramp, cut, cut up, damage, disable, do violence, flail, flog, harm, etc.

How might pain and hurt be shared without the use of the words pain and hurt?

I've been experimenting, finding my way in saying the same thing differently but in a stronger way. Right off the top of my head, some examples might be: 
  • spasm exploded
  • burn flared
  • stab seared
  • sear drilled
  • ache speared
 Strong nouns, strong verbs. I like!

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