Thursday, November 8, 2012

Savvy Shout Out! (

Savvy Authors offers writers the opportunity to participate in online workshops and courses instructed by the likes of Lori Wilde, Cathy Yardley, and Kat Duncan. All three of these published authors have shared their knowledge, experience, and expertise with me through the Savvy Author venue. (For which, I am eternally grateful!)

The mentor/coaching courses and/or workshops I've participated in during the past year have proven well worth the reasonable cost and invaluable in the knowledge I have gained.

Craft classes are offered as well, such as those featuring deep point of view, grammar refreshers, editing, etc.

Basic annual sign-up for Savvy Authors is free, with a Premium membership at $30.00 per year. The Premium membership offers discounts for workshops and courses (such as 1/3 to 1/2 off the cost); therefore, if a writer intends to take only a few classes, the Premium choice is well worth the yearly fee.

Another benefit of Savvy is that I have met awesome fellow writers that provide interaction and support during a writing endeavor that fosters self-imposed isolation.

Thank you Savvy Author for being oh-so savvy!

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