Monday, November 5, 2012

The Habit of Writing

For the last month, I have focused on writing an average of a chapter per day. Solid chapters, not a rushed get-it-out first draft. Just like checking in and working during the day, writing has evolved into my job. Even with pesky health issues, I do my best to write.

Could I have done this while working sixty-hours-plus weeks? I was fortunate to have the energy to eek out a chapter every week or every two weeks. So, no, I don't think writing productively while in the midst of that degree of work demands was feasible.

Is the twenty-one day theory true? You know, if you do something for 21 days straight, it supposedly becomes a habit.

I don't know, because my focus has been on the day and chapter ahead. One day and one chapter at a time. Write a chapter. Repeat.

The accountability provided by participating in Savvy Author's workshop, Author Coaching and Mentoring Program with Kat Duncan, has increased my productivity and raised the strength of my writing.

Writing has become a habit for me. It's part of my day. A writer writes. I am a Writer.

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