Friday, December 7, 2012

Off to see the Editing Wizard (AutoCrit)

AutoCrit is an actual Manuscript Editing software. Accessible on line, text is cut and pasted into the text box, and with a click of a button an analysis is performed on your pasted text.

The features highlighted by the AutoCrit analysis include:
- Overused words
- Sentence variation
- Cliches and redundancies
- Phrases summary
- Pacing
- Dialogue
- Initial Pronouns
- Readability

AutoCrit software highlights items to be reviewed, such as the overuse of the words then and just (Kathy raises hand). Although I do fairly well with not using cliches or passive voice, using AutoCrit helps me to see, chapter by chapter, what I'm too close to normally see. So if you will excuse me, I'm off of see the Editing Wizard.

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