Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ta-da, Whoot and Yeah, Baby!

My one resolution for 2013 is to celebrate, appreciate and express gratitude (or is that three resolutions? Hmm...).

First Drafting is a struggle for me, or has been, until I finally accepted getting away from the computer to write the first draft on the NEO works best for me. As someone who's spent the majority of her life in front of a computer terminal, coming to grips that I write more prolifically and stronger material away from the computer was a struggle, yet the acceptance is life changing. I am now successfully and prolifically first drafting (Ta-da!)

One thing I appreciate writing-wise is learning that I don't have to write in word count or page count per day and realizing that I can write in units, for instance I set a goal of writing a certain number of scenes or chapters per day and an overall goal for the week. (Whoot!)

I am grateful for the opportunity to write full-time. Thanks to a supportive hubby, a lot of hard work in the last few years (workshops, courses, research) and awesome coaching/mentorships via Savvy Authors, I'm heading into 2013 under the steam of much enthusiasm. (Yeah, Baby!)

Look out world! 2013, the Year of the Kathy, has arrived!

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