Friday, February 22, 2013

Big Results in Less Time by Ian Stables

The techniques Ian Stables shares in Big Results In Less Time are concise, simple, doable, realistic, and feasible. This $2.99 booklet provides suggestions that are so forthcoming that I couldn't help wonder why I hadn't heard about, read about, or figured out these processes long before now.

Had I read and had been familiar with the time management techniques presented in Big Results In Less Time: The time management productivity plan that gets top results - How to get things done in the shortest time for the greatest results [Kindle Edition] by Ian Stables, I would have written far more over the years, even while working excessive overtime. 

Big Results In Less Time's Amazon Description is as follows:

How much better would it be, if you were able to do things five times faster and get excellent results? You are about to learn simple and effective methods that do just that.

These methods are not widely known. They make up a complete system for getting things done in the shortest possible time and deliver excellent results.

You'll learn how to...

Dramatically speed up tasks by removing one thing

Prioritise your tasks in a way that will get the best possible results
There are certain things you should focus on and others that you shouldn't.

You'll learn about a 'powerful question' that will very quickly prioritise anything with ease.

Complete tasks five times faster and get good results
Find the best ideas and methods in just ten minutes
This is one of the best things you're going to discover. It's a very effective technique called 'The writing solution finder'

It gives you ideas, methods, and solutions in just ten minutes. Things that you would probably never otherwise think of.

Work without getting tired
A scientifically proven work plan that keeps you fresh and makes your day a lot easier.

Get any difficult task done with ease
This is the ultimate cure for procrastination. It removes the block of procrastinating with ease. It takes just sixty-seconds and works every time.

If only I'd been able to apply these techniques while working full-time plus.... No worries, the e-book was released on January 25, 2013 and provides information to assist us on our current journeys. I highly recommend Big Results In Less Time.

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