Sunday, February 17, 2013

In the Mood (for First Drafting)

The lights are low, a nearby candle flickers, soft music plays, and a subtle blend of scents fills the room. Oh, yes, I'm in the mood . . . to write.

First Drafting is an entirely different process than Revision. I recently posted about Changing Gears between the two processes as well as Regrouping when it came to Drafting versus Revision. Different mindset, methods, and courses of action; therefore, I purposefully set an atmosphere for first drafting and an entirely different one for revising. (Thank you Kat Duncan for your guidance!)

Once I've turned off the overhead lights and turned on a low-wattage desk lamp, extended an inch or so of the 60-hour candle and light the wick, I add a few drops of essential oils to the water bowl of the oil warmer and turn the warmer on. I then follow these steps:
  1. Review GMCD chart for current scene
  2. Set a timer for 10 minutes [Cool Timer is my favorite because I am able to set the alarm sounds (currently Wizard of Oz sound clips), and once started the timer can be minimized to the desktop tray so the countdown isn't visible.]
  3. Make a bulleted list of possible conflicts, actions, directions, and happenings of the next scene (no censoring, just flat out brainstorming)
  4. Fill the page of a 9.5" x 6" spiral notebook, either front or front and back, depending on the what's needed in the scene
  5. Stop when 10 minutes are up, ONLY allowing that 10 minutes to brainstorm
  6. Take a 5 to 15 minute non-writing break
  7. Sit at keyboard (laptop, computer, or Neo)
  8. Picture the setting of current scene, visualize characters in the scene, focus on the POV character's perspective
  9. Set timer for 15 minutes
  10. First draft for ONLY those 15 minutes
  11. Set timer for 5 to 15 minutes (alternating the following, as desired)
    - Perform other non-writing related chore
    - Take a reading break (read other author's books)
    - Take a rest break
  12. Return to keyboard and repeat steps 8 thru 11 (adding water and oil to warmer and extending and relighting candle, as desired) until first draft of scene is written
My first draft ambiance awaits. I an SO in the mood to write.

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