Monday, February 25, 2013

Revision Week Ahead!

Someone suggested, instead of dividing up a day or spacing out parts of the week for drafting and revising, that I take a full week for each activity. (Kathy smacks forehead with palm, shakes head and mutters, "Why didn't I think of that!")

Light bulb moment, indeed!

Focusing on the individual process for a full week makes so much sense. No changing gears and no feeling pulled away from the other activity. A positive is going to be seeing a significant increase in progress during a longer time span.

I'm excited about the specific drilled down focus. If taking week about with drafting and revision works well, I hope to be more prolific in both first drafting and revision.

I will be tracking and comparing progress to previous weeks. Also, I will be keeping an open mind and welcome flexibility. Perhaps considering a month about is in order. I might be able to complete more writing by first drafting for an entire month, complete the first draft in that time-frame, and then spending the next thirty days revising and editing. (The idea is quite appealing!)

Due to other activities this week, revision is the better choice. So, for this week, revision it is!

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