Sunday, March 24, 2013

Time to Write by Kelly L. Stone

This past week, I have been experimenting with a Writing Blitz. My former job consisted of lots of intense hours right before a deadline, then slowed somewhat before the next deadline approached. A blitz consists of intense writing for numerous hours for several days, then taking a few days away from writing. Since that type of schedule worked so well in my former day job, writing blitzes will more than likely take me to an even more productive level.

Kelly L. Stone's TIME TO WRITE explains various techniques that address Writing Schedules, Blitzes, Quotas, etc. In TIME TO WRITE, professional writers reveal how to fit writing into your busy life.

My choice of quota type is Chapters; therefore, my goal is to write 10 chapters per week. If I can write those chapters in three or four 12 to 16 hour days, then take the rest of the week to catch up on other non-writerly things and to relax all the better.

During a Writing Blitz, I get up between 4:00 and 5:00 AM to write. Except for coming out of my writing room for bathroom breaks, a quick shower, and in search of food, I do nothing else but write, with limited internet (short infrequent visits throughout the day) and a brief television escape (later in the day to rest my brain), then write until 11:00 PM.

From Kelly L. Stone's website:

TIME TO WRITE: More than 100 Professional Writers Reveal How To Fit Writing Into Your Busy Life– No Excuses, No Distractions, No More Blank Pages (Adams Media)
If you’ve ever thought or said…
  • “Someday I’ll write the great American novel…when I have time.”
  • “If I were independently wealthy, then I wouldn’t have to work, and then I could write my book.”
  • “I’d love to write for national magazines, but don’t you need an ‘in’ to get started?”
…then author Kelly L. Stone has got good news for you! For Time to Write, she interviewed more than 100 successful, professional writers from across genres, including Sandra Brown, Catherine Coulter, Wendy Corsi Staub, Merline Lovelace, Steve Berry, Tess Gerritsen, Ann Major, Cherry Adair, Christine Feehan, Julia London, Eloisa James, Barbara Delinsky, JoAnn Ross, Hallie Ephron, Jodi Picoult, Jennifer Blake, Mary Jo Putney, Rick Mofina, Pamela Morsi, Robyn Carr, Carla Neggers, Debbie Macomber, Roxanne St. Claire, Tara Taylor Quinn, and many more fiction and nonfiction writers, and she’s learned that if they could find the time to write, then so can you.Kelly breaks down the excuses and blocks you might have for not writing and gives you practical steps for carving out time to write, no matter how busy your day, your week, or your life is. From creating a schedule to holding yourself accountable, her interviews offer practical advice on how you can create adequate writing time and do it consistently enough to become published!

This is another writing book that I wish I could have read and applied the techniques shared years ago. TIME TO WRITE is a must read for anyone that has writerly inclinations. Highly Recommend!

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