Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ali's Victory by Kat Duncan (On My Kindle)

Ali's Victory by Kat Duncan is a grabs-you-and-doesn't-let-you-go Romantic Suspense. Not only has Kat Duncan renewed my faith and interest in Romantic Suspense, during the reading of Ali's Victory, I laughed, I cried, I cared, and I became lost in the story and truly was sad when the book came to an end.

Amazon's book description:

What young widow Ali Granger doesn't know can put her six feet under. Her boss, a medical advocate fighting drug companies, has been murdered, and she's on the run from a killer. After stealing a boat and crashing on a private island, she meets the man of her dreams. Only he's holding a shotgun, and it's pointed at her.

Ben Dewey, a.k.a. former entertainment wrestler Hammer Victory, never expected to find Ali's brand of trouble on his doorstep. But when she uncovers evidence that both his wife and her husband died from the same unexplained condition, he agrees to help.

Danger and desire lurk around every corner as Ali and Ben team up to expose a dietary supplement as a deadly, addictive drug--before the forces behind it silence them forever. But if they succeed, can they leave the past behind and find love again?

From Kat Duncan's blog:

Escaping a killer, Ali Granger crashes a stolen boat onto a remote harbor island only to be confronted by a two guard dogs and a man with a shotgun. Her terror is compounded when she learns her boss, a medical advocate fighting drug companies, has been murdered. Now she has no choice but to pick up where her boss left off and expose the supplement Antaqx for the addictive, lethal drug it is.

Ever since Ben Dewey was forced out of the limelight of wrestling entertainment, he's been trying to make amends to Rick, his best friend and partner. When blonde bombshell, Ali Granger, crashes on his doorstep, she brings with her evidence that could help Ben atone for all his personal losses. Can he convince Ali to lose her heart to him before the evil man behind Antaqx knocks them both out of the picture?

Ali's Victory is $2.99 as an e-book on Amazon. A great buy for a very enjoyable and much appreciated good read! Highly Recommend!

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