Sunday, April 7, 2013

Review Time (Writing Full Time & Loving It!)

The journey during these last few months of writing full time has been enlightening and painful, yet satisfying and fulfilling.

In attempt to keep track of when, where, and how I reached self-defined writing goals, I have tracked my journey over the last nine months, to include progress or lack thereof. Health issues have served as stumbling blocks, yet in looking at the dates of launches and completions, I have made steady, if at times plodding, progress.

First Draft of Book #1 in five-book series:

The first first draft of Book # 1 Development Edit and Review. (Majorly developmentally flawed. Back to square one with planning, plotting, and redevelopment of series):

Second First Draft of Book #1:

First Draft Book #2 & Revision of Book #1 (Revision of Book #1 placed on hold):

First Draft Book #3:

First Draft Book #4 (scheduled completion date):

First Draft Book #5 (scheduled launch & completion date):

Revision time-frame for Series #1 (scheduled launch and completion date):

In looking at the time-frames for each book, I am able to see the blocks of missed writing due to illness, as well that when health issues are not a factor, the time-frame between launch and completion of first drafts has tightened.

A five-book series completed in little over a year. (If all goes well, in 14 months to be exact.) Not bad at all!

In September and October, I will draft and revise a standalone book.

Then in November, I will begin Series #2. This go around, instead of first drafting an entire series up front, I will write the first draft in November and revise in December:

My 2013 writing journey all mapped out. Glancing back and looking forward makes me smile; therefore, I must be headed in a positive direction.

For 2014, I am debating completing Series #2 straight out, as in completing and self-publishing each book as they are completed, or alternating writing each book in Series #2 with a standalone book. (I have two story ideas for standalones that keep surfacing, and I am looking forward to writing each.)

No regrets, no pondering or slogging through what ifs. In review, I am happy with my progress over the past few months, and am looking forward to writing onward. (Yeah, this writer gal is writing full time and loving it!)

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