Saturday, May 4, 2013

Disconnected and Interconnected

In disconnecting from the mobile phone and allowing only a few minutes a day on the internet, I found myself . . . and I didn't even realize I was missing!

For the past few days, I have streamlined outside contact in order to connect with 1) the final book of the five-book Young Adult Paranormal Thriller series, 2) myself to physically and emotionally ground with the idea of wrapping up the series, and 3) my husband who has been quite patient and supportive during the last several months while I have been submerged in writing.

In a post-apocalyptic world, more than likely there will be no internet, no cell phones, no communication outside interaction other than one-on-one connections with other survivors. Since Book #5 features such a world, what would it be like to not have continued electronic access to others and the world?

First off, I found me. In staying so busy, I avoided a centering and a grounding within myself that I failed to realize was missing. The constant interaction outside of myself assisted me in not focusing on health issues or dealing with emotional stuff I have been avoiding since my parents deaths. Guess what? I learned to daydream again! Not only am I able to daydream, I can visualize potential scenes in my mind. How could I have lost such a wonderful ability along the way? I can also sit in silence with myself and meditate, just focusing on the flow of breath or studying an object or talisman for minutes at a time to increase my length of focus.

I have so enjoyed writing this series, that I am saddened by completing the series and am struggling with letting go. In quiet time, I realized that their story is not finished, and the main characters will return in a later series. So, I am not saying Goodbye, I am saying To Be Continued or Until We Meet Again. Had I not taken time away from electronics, I would not have realized the possibility of a second series, featuring the characters.

Thirdly, I had truly forgotten how funny and creative that husband of mine can be. Over the past few days we have gone on drives in rural areas, where had I chosen to check my phone, No Service would have been the status shown most often. For the past few months, while I have been writing, he has been enjoying hunting seasons, so this week, we both slowed down and got reacquainted with one another. He's a part of my life that encourages me to look forward to each and every day. We have laughed and held hands, and he even volunteered to brainstorm potential plot points of a future standalone book with me. There's more than one novel in that man, and I look forward to reading one of his books some day.

In our drives, we have encountered some wonderful friendly people with whom we've enjoyed talking with and getting to know. In meeting these pleasant folks, I've come to realize that not only do I crave connection with people, I long for positive building up, rather than tearing down, interaction. Share with me, yes; but drown my ears in whining about things that you are going to do nothing about, no. Please allow me to listen, be caring and supportive, without serving as an audience for a senseless soon-to-be-repeated drama dump. I am now aware of the amount of energy I have expended being concerned about others health situations or supposedly dire life circumstances, when they are not interested in making healthy choices for themselves. (Amazing what a little introspection and alone time can accomplish!) In the future, I will be able to direct more energy at home, with my writing, and toward my husband, by eliminating drama-filled encounters.

Book #5 is plotted, and I have begun the first draft. In a few days, um maybe a week from now, I look forward to returning calls and playing catch up with those positive caring people in my life.

Next time I choose to take a break from electronic connectedness, I will make sure to get the word out ahead of time. To not let folks know that I planned to disconnect and that all is well in the meantime was irresponsible. Or perhaps a quick note on FB and on the blog to indicate I am off the grid. I like that!

Off to discover more epiphanies during my time of disconnect and interconnectedness.

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