Friday, May 17, 2013

Distractions & Dust Bunnies Galore

Dust bunnies, though deceptively cute, breed at an alarming speed.
Having traveled for a few days on a road trip with Hubby, with short infrequent daily stints set aside for first drafting, I returned home a few days ago with an initial chapter GMCD chart and three drafted chapters. With travel clothes to wash and dust bunnies that had tripled in number waiting, I am reestablishing a writing schedule, on alert to every nook and cranny in which conniving dust puffs hide and plot a takeover.

Once they get a chance to propagate, even triple their numbers, I'm telling you, there's no stopping them, while getting back on schedule remains evasive and just out of reach.

Perhaps I should name the creatures because at the rate they are multiplying, to at least be able to call them by name might be my only solace in surviving in a post-apocalyptic world ruled by dust bunnies in control of every nook and crevice of the earth. Wouldn't watching recorded episodes of Serial Killer Earth be less painful than reestablishing a writing routine?

Should try to make friends with the bunnies, but how can one trust something so cute, yet so bent on creeping out of the darkness and into the light? Should I implement short stints of writing to get back into the groove because due to the trip, I lost momentum first drafting. Getting focus back has been a struggle. I sit in front of the computer monitor, and I swear I hear those dust monsters giggle a maniacal trilling laugh.

The defense plan I must implement to regain control of the house and first drafting must be strategic and well thought out. The schedule to eradicate the little boogers and regain focus must be realistic and unrelenting, with stints of writing alternated with determined cleaning methods, I prepare for an outright assault. I must strike without warning and with fortified determination to regain lost ground.

Should I never be seen again, know that I went into battle determined to defend and conquer as a warrior writer and that I fought valiantly to the bitter end.

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