Monday, May 27, 2013

I'm Stylin' Now! (Lovin' Ergonomics)

FOLLOWUP NOTE: Initially the Articulating Arms seemed to help with the tension in my shoulders, however, I ended up with tendonitis in one shoulder. Once I stopped using the arms, the tendonitis healed. (Good try, but not for me. Would not recommend.)

Dear ErgoRest, where have you been all my life?

With stationary arms removed from my office chair, I attached two articulating arms to my writing desk. As many hours as I have sat before and continue to sit at a desk work at a keyboard, I finally found just what I need for arm support in the ErgoRest Articulating Arm, which supports my arms in the proper position to not cause neck, shoulder, and back pain.

The lightweight arm provides support while adjusting to my movements. It's a simple, but extremely helpful gadget for which I am exceedingly grateful.

Tight neck muscles led to aching shoulders and headaches. Bunched and knotted neck muscles refused to relax or be stretched out. Aching wrists and throbbing elbows happened so often that I got used to them. No more tingly hands and fingers or hands and arms going numb during the night.

After all these years of struggling to find comfort in long hours at a desk, I've found it. Thank you ErgoRest!

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