Saturday, June 22, 2013

Pacing is a Booger

Challenge #1: Use the word "booger" in a blog title. (Won that dare!) and  Challenge #2: Revise/update pacing of scenes and overall book chapters to accomplish a thriller read. (In progress.)

Despite Challenge #1, the honest truth is that pacing a scene or chapter IS a booger. According to, in addition to the obvious, a booger is a noun 1. Informal. any person or thing: That shark was a mean-looking booger. A booger is also listed as something or someone frightening.

James V. Smith Jr.'s You Can Write a Novel, 2nd Edition, presents a method using the Readability Statistics feature included in most word processing software programs.

Once I actually get the gist of this pacing tool, I truly believe this process will be The Ultimate Pacing Tool as James V. Smith Jr. claims.

In the mean time... Argh. Grr. Ack.

But I'm sure the learning curve effort will be worth gaining the strength of the technique. In the long run, learning the process will be a positive, in the mean time, I struggle mightily to grasp something that is actually explained in simple terms.

After I finish revising several chapters today, I am going to reread You Can Write a Novel, finish revising Book #1, then move on to using the pacing technique in a final revise-through before sending the revised version to an editor.

Very much a challenge. But I am learning, and I will get there. I'm gonna conquer this pacing booger. Dare me! Come one make a dare...

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