Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dear Writer... (An example of what not to do)

I recently dropped by a writer's blog (I followed the author from a post that I found odd...curiosity pulled me in). On this writer's blog, she blogged about how readers SHOULD read her short stories, SHOULD read her novels, SHOULD leave reviews, etc., etc., etc.

Really, you're telling readers what they should and shouldn't do? Look, fellow author, I realize you have "worked your a-- off" (your words, not mine), but...

Wait! I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. I'll checked your offerings on Amazon. I'll download a sample or two of your writing. Then, we'll see.

Dear Writer, perhaps YOU should consider:
  • Creating or commissioning book covers that don't look similar, faded, and are displayed in a cartoon-type format.
  • Revealing the genre of your work. Are the books graphic novels? Horror? Thrillers? Romance?
  • Showing not telling in your writing. (Savvy Authors offers several classes on showing versus telling. Also, Show or Tell? A Powerful Lesson on a Crucial Writing Skill [Kindle Edition] sells for $0.99 on Amazon.)
  • Intriguing and enticing the reader with your book descriptions.
  • Using your blog to share the positives of your books, instead of sharing a whine-fest.
  • Changing hobbies or careers. (If you are that unhappy, do us readers a favor and MOVE ON. Life's too short for you to be that whiny and miserable.)

As writers, perhaps before we even consider telling our readers what they should do, first and foremost, shouldn't we do what we need to do as authors?

Dear Writer, perhaps YOU should!

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