Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hitting Send

With my first-round of revisions finished, I attached the book to an email to send to my writing coach and mentor for a final review before editing. I sat with the cursor pointer hovering over SEND.

Ten minutes later, pointer still hovering, hubby dropped by and said, "You've already done the hard part. Sending it is the easy part." (Gotta love that man!)

That loveable man was right, so I pressed SEND.

Book #1, Series #1, sent.

Second later, the questions started:
  • Does it include too much telling versus showing?
  • Is there enough emotional connection with readers?
  • Are the character growth arcs strong enough?
  • Might I use more similes and metaphors?
  • Was the POV deep enough?
And on and on until I realized there are four more books to revise. (Kathy heaves a massive sigh.)

I look forward to the coach/mentor's comments and then will go on from there. First, I need to step back from the book, let someone else review and share their insight, then I'll perform another review.

One thing I am learning is that my writing process proceeds in stages and layers.

In the future, once this series is complete, my goal will be to write stronger first drafts so that less revision is required.

Also, I realize that you can take classes to help you grasp craft, but its the act of actually writing from which a writer learns.

And, boy, am I learning...

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