Saturday, August 24, 2013

Keeping On (Even When Your Butt's Dragging)

My rear end is bumping over plowed rows of ground filled with tractor tire ruts and dirt clods.

Persistent. Determined. Dogged. Single-Minded. Resolute. How about adding Stubborn to the mix? Maybe Pig-Headed. Or perhaps a Never-Give-Up attitude?

Writing a book involves, at a minimum: Plotting, Character Sketching, First Drafting, Revising, Rewriting, Taking Out, Putting In, Editing, Designing Covers, and Creating Book Descriptions.

Going through the process of all of the above, topped off by health issues that affect concentration, focus, and energy levels, and--I don't mind admitting it folks--my butt sure is dragging.

Truth be told, I am far behind on my potential schedule for finishing the five-book series and writing other series and books.

Don't get me wrong, I sought and am still seeking medical care. Every day, I aim toward wellness; however, the issue has taken much longer to resolve than I could have imagined.

All of adult my life, what I lacked in formal training or current knowledge, I made for in enthusiasm. I learned whatever I needed to learn quickly, and pitched in as soon as possible into most tasks.

Yet, as I grow more physically weary, even my positive "onward" tendencies wane.

For the next several days, I need to rest more, yet even if it's a short time a day, I will move forward on the revisions. Baby steps, for just a bit, until my energy level increases. Not any where near the pace I desire or need to maintain, yet I will continue to move forward.

My parents taught us to keep on keeping on. No matter what. Quitting was never an option. If you committed to something, you followed through.

Thus, although at a slower pace, I keep on. Onward!

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