Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lessons from The Profit Applied to Writing

The Profit, staring Marcus Lemonis, is a reality show appearing on CNBC. Marcus tackles failing businesses, invests, and assists the owners, if the deal works out, in rebuilding and relaunching their businesses.

The Facebook description of The Profit series states: Self-made multi-millionaire Marcus Lemonis is the only business turnaround expert on television investing millions of his own money to save small businesses.  

In the venue of the reality television show, Marcus shares, sometimes with a twist of are-you-kidding-me drama, about business success using the three P's: People, Process, and Product.

PEOPLE, PROCESS, and PRODUCT (as it pertains to writing)


The initial drafting and revision of a book involves me, myself, and I. Then there's my mentor/coach, Kat Duncan, who provides guidance, accountability, and has graciously offered to edit the series. And last, but not least, those folks that have and are providing Beta Reader feedback. Yet, primarily, the People aspect is simple because overall the majority of the workload and production falls on my shoulders.

But then again, maybe not so simple.

If I am experiencing health issues and am unwell, I cannot write, revise, or work on writing related processes adequately or at times if at all. Due to not being well, I am far more behind in my projected revision schedule for the series than I could have predicted.

I have sought medical care, which has determined what my condition is not, yet I continue to experience fatigue, lack of focus, and other not-fun symptoms. Bottom, line if I can't function properly and am unable to produce, there is no Process or Product.


I lightning drafted all five (5) books in the series. Lightning drafting requires quite a bit of "putting in" of additional text and serious time-consuming revision effort.

Creating a GMCD chart for the first draft and then making a check off list for the revisions provides a road map and guidance.

The process involves sitting with self in front of the computer terminal and eliminating distractions.


My books are my product. With the contribution of the first two categories, People and Process, a book is written.

Yet, I do not have a completed Product yet.

The mock covers pop.

An editor is lined up.

Before I have a Product, just not a concept, People and Process must perform and come together to create the completed book series.


Addressing People Issues

My ability to function, as a writer, and to focus, concentrate, and write MUST be addressed. I continue to conduct research of possible solutions and have yet more doctors appointments scheduled.

I have my older computer set up across the room to play my exercise videos (Oxycise, for instance), with a goal of exercising first thing, before I sit down at the computer.

Also, I am adding a few mineral and vitamin supplements that hopefully will assist in getting my health back on track.

Addressing Process Issues

Better eliminating or avoiding distractions is a MUST.

Lack of focus, hopefully addressed by addressing People issues, has increased my levels of distraction, therefore I have discovered a software that blocks all internet access except for the sites I specify (AutoCrit, for example) and another software that limits computer time in spaced out increments so that I take a break every hour to hour and a half.

My current revision plan is flawed and the process IS NOT working; therefore, I need to step back and reassess. Ask around, do more research as to what might work better.

How might I better tackle the revisions in a more successful, efficient way?

First item on list, is to research and to reach out to writerly resources for advice.

Addressing Product Issues

Product Issues will be on the table by and after People and Process issues have been addressed.

Tabled and marked: To Be Done!


highly recommend checking out this reality TV show!

Thanks to you, Marcus Lemonis, this writer gal just may be on her way!

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