Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lightning Drafting Downside

I tried lightning drafting and finished the first drafts of five (5) books. However, I am now left with EXTENSIVE revision and editing. So, for those soon-to-be writers or writers looking for a quick first draft, my suggestion is DO NOT lightning draft.

During a lightning draft, for instance, an author rushes to get their story on the page. You might type: INSERT fight scene here or include dialog with just a name of the speaker only so that you keep on typing.

These shortcuts require going back through the skeltonized material and fleshing out and at times even rewriting scenes.

Had I slowed down the first drafts, the process might have taken twice as long; however, with this route, it's taking a great deal longer than the process would have had I slowed down the first draft and ended up with a close-to-final version in the first place.

Instead of taking perhaps one and a half to two times as long, this technique has resulted in taking three to four times as long.

From one writer to another, I highly recommend NOT lightning drafting. It's doing double duty and creates additional prolonged revisions.

Once this current series is complete, my goal will be to complete stronger first drafts not lightning ones.

Back to revision. Onward!

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