Monday, September 9, 2013

Entering Revision Hell (Officially)

The door creaks as I push the weight forward. From the other side of the doorway, heat flames my face. For the next two weeks, I have entered Revision Hell. (I didn't quite understand why writers used this particular term term until I began revising my own work. Now, I can very much relate...)

At Savvy Authors, for the next two weeks, I will participate in a challenge called Revision Hell. Each day in the Savvy forum, I will log number of pages edited, number of pages revised, and number of hours of BICHOK (butt in chair hands on keyboard) at the end of the day. My hope is that this will spur me on and help me to build revision momentum.

I have been assigned to Team #2 of five (5) teams. (Go, Team!)

For the next two weeks, the timer is once again my friend. 1-hour stints, and keeping track of the time spent in my at a glance calendar.

I used to envy Author Dean Wesley Smith, with his never revise philosophy, UNTIL I realized that Dean actually does revise and edit. He calls his process putting in or taking out. He does this just after he's first drafted fresh material; therefore, he considers the putting in or taking out part of his first draft. His wife also copy edits and proofs for him. SO, my process wasn't flawed after all.

How do I know my writing needs revision and editing?
  • As an avid reader all my life, I can distinguish between well written and not-so-well written material.
  • I am capable of reading my own writing with a critical eye. (Yes, being a technical editor in a previous life will do that to you. For good, bad, or worse.)
  • My writing improves when revised and edited. (I am intuitive and savvy enough to distinguish the difference.)
 What do I hope to accomplish in my two (2) weeks of Revision Hell?
  • Gain momentum for the rest of the series revision,
  • Get as much revised in the next two weeks as possible,
  • Dive in to Book #1 editing (the polish of punctuation, syntax, etc.), and
  • Reinforce concentration/focus aspects by doing stints throughout the day.
Here's a rundown of the revision items and processes that I address on my Revision Checklist. (The list seems like a lot of stuff, but once you dive in, it's really not, because the flow of items makes sense and can be done one after the other.)
  • Address Comments
  • Spell Check
  • Print Out
  • Read Hard Copy
  • Assign Dialog
  • Make Basic Markups
  • Edit Electronic File
  • External Environment Layering:
    - Weather
    - Outside bldg. details
    - Outside sounds
  • Layering Outward / Physical Details:
    - Hair/eye color
    - Height/weight
    - Style of clothing
    - Facial expressions
    - Body language
  • Senses Layering:
    - Sight
    - Hearing
    - Touch
    - Smell
    - Taste
    - Pain
    - Temperature
    - Time
    - Motion/Acceleration
    - Direction
    - Balance
  • Anchoring:
    - POV
    - Emotion in Scene
    - When / Time passed
    - Where
    - Current Feeling
    - Voice
    - Dialogue / Tags
  • Scene Review:
    - Beginning Hook
    - Exposition
    - Backstory
    - Sensory Details
    - Emotions
    - GMCD Clear
    - Themes/Motifs
    - Ending Hook
    - Visceral Reactions
  • Foreshadowing:
    - Plant
    - Payoff
  • AutoCrit Analysis:
    - Overused Words
    - Repeated Phrases
  • MyWriter Tools Round 2
  • Spell Check Round 2
  • Pacing / Copy Edit Pass
    - MyWriters Beginning
    - Beginning Scene Pacing
    - Dragon Beginning
    - MyWriters Middle
    - Middle Scene Pacing
    - Dragon Middle
    - MyWriters End
    - Ending Scene Pacing
    - Dragon End
  • Final AutoCrit Analysis
  • Overall Scene Pacing
  • Continuity/Timeline
  • Clarity (Who’s who)
  • Update GMCD Chart
  • Add to Running Outline
  • Levels (1 thru 10):
    - Level of Caring
    - Level of Worry
    - Level of Conflict
    - Level of Tension
    - Character Growth Arc
If nothing else, perhaps I will help my team with time logged for butt in chair hands on keyboard! (However, I intend and am hopeful that I will contribute more to the team and to my own progress.)

Behind me, the door slams. Nothing left to do but step forward into the flames...

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