Sunday, September 8, 2013

Walking the Talk

Years ago, when I worked so much and so often in day jobs, I talked about writing. A lot! Yet, the one thing I failed to do was actually WRITE.

To anyone who listened, I shared with anyone that would listen what I wanted to write, how much I wanted to write (in desire and quantity), the writing path I wanted to follow, etc.

I also shared details of the stories that I wanted to write. Such fun sharing, but after a while, I noticed in the telling that the stories lost their power and I my enthusiasm.

If I were allowed a do-over, as if that were possible, I would go back and take back my life from employers who required extreme overtime, expected more and more, and appreciated nothing. I would work regular hours in less demanding positions, for more than likely less pay, and focus on my life outside of work and write.

But since a do-over isn't possible, I no longer talk about writing. I write.

Every day, although I suffer from concentration focus issues due to an incredibly frustrating on-going health issue, I make every attempt to sit my butt in my chair and write.

At present, my revision process may be slow, but I am, bit by bit, making progress. Health issues have made it difficult for me to increase my pace at present; hopefully, soon, I will be able to speed up the process, but until then, I am doing my best to move forward. 

Now that I write, there's not a lot of talking about writing or sharing my stories prematurely so that I lose enthusiasm for the writing of the story.

My current talk about writing consists of mentions of what's next, goals, and plans. As far as what's right before me, in spite of concentration challenges, I continue to walk the talk.

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