Thursday, October 24, 2013

Blocked and Loving It!

No, I am not experiencing writer's block, thank goodness!

In order to work on revisions, I blocked my access to the internet; thus, I achieved more in two days this week than I have been accomplishing in an average week.

LeechBlock, part of Mozilla Foxfire, blocks websites and internet access. So, right now, except for, I only visit the internet a short time in the morning, mid-day, and then in the evening.

Numerous bosses over the years have delivered a similar message. If you're going to accomplish your goals, you have to pay the price. To get something, you've got to give (or give up) something. The definition of insanity... But I digress.

To achieve my writing goals, there are some things I have to give up in order to make the time to write. There's no other way to make the time, take the time, and use the time to write.

Television time is limited, housework takes a back burner, leisure time...well, I did go see an awesome movie one day this week. For the last two weeks, I've taken at least one partial day as a non-writing day in order to rejuvenate, maintain my enthusiasm, and keep my writing fresh.

Writing can be, and most times is, a solitary and lonely task. While performing writing-related tasks, connecting with others on instant messaging and social networking sites grants me an emotional link that is sometimes missed while working on single-person projects.

I so enjoy visiting with folks on line. Thank you Facebook friends and family, for your encouragement, caring, and patience for my single-mindedness on finishing this book series. I may slip away into the writing world for a while, but I'll check in and visit, so please do stay in touch and share with me what is going on in your lives.

An awesome portrait artist shared  this technique. She unplugs from the internet and paints for hours. To enter that creative sphere, she plays instrumental music, gets into the zone, and enjoys the process.

Well, blocked and loving it... I may just get this series finished yet!

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