Friday, November 1, 2013

Boo Who? (Scaring Up an Ideal Reader)

Who exactly is my ideal reader?

There's an ideal reader out there for every book. Depending on the genre, the most enthusiastic reader of a particular type of book is either male or female, of a certain age, etc. Those are demographics and statistics. Yet, to write the best book possible, writing for cookie-cutter numbers doesn't cut it.

For instance writing a romance for women between the ages of 20 and 40, middle to upper class, etc.

As an author, I write for an ideal reader; however in the real world, there exists THE ideal reader, someone or someones in the writer's life, that meets those demographics and statistics, but is perfectly real and realistically ideal.

As per advice by writing coach Cathy Yardley, I have focused on a live person as my ideal reader. I picked the one person that represents the type of reader I am targeting, and I write with that one person in mind.

As I write, I keep this person in mind. This reader is one that would call me on something if it's not working, such as too little conflict or the stakes not being deep enough for the POV character, and is full of enthusiasm during reading. Ideal Reader loves and enjoys story.

As far as Boo Who, my ideal reader is THE person I work diligently to scare, thrill, and intrigue; to illicit smiles, caring, and warmth toward and with my story people; and encourage to root for the characters and the story. In writing for THIS person, I am writing for many ideal readers, yet with the focus of this one person, my reader connection is real, palatable, and solid.

So, Boo and thank you, you know who! (Many more books to come!)

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